A New Kind of Social Network

Today in social media, young people “like” posts for all the wrong reasons. They pass around “likes” to everyone and everything, making these “likes” essentially an acknowledgement that they saw the post.

I’m proposing a social network that adds value back to the the traditional “like”.

This would work by assigning a monetary value to different colored stars (stars = likes).

[]Yellow stars - Common (unlimited)
]Green stars - Uncommon (limited)
[]Red stars - Rare (very limited)
]Blue stars - Super rare (extremely limited)

For the limited stars, you would have to buy them in packs using real money. The user gets unlimited yellow stars for free, hence acting as a traditional “like” for those users that are too cheap to pay or don’t want to spend real money.

The late Flipnote Hatena service by Nintendo implemented a system like this in the application. When a user receives a tiered star on their post, they receive a percentage of the value of that star-level. The rest of the money goes to the company.

Take a look at this Twitter Moment[/URL] for more on this topic. I also wrote up a short blog post about this [URL=‘https://crockerbytes.com/blog/the-future-of-social-media’]on my website.